Find True Lesbian LOVE (FTLL)

Find True Lesbian LOVE is a special project that was created for the Lesbian community in 2013-2014, and continues to be a living growing movement. It was founded on the belief that a whole heart is the necessary prerequisite for being able to love and be loved well. Most women in our society have been through painful relationships in the past. Carrying the shadows of those experiences hampers their practical efforts to find and enter into full loving connection with another woman.

FTLL empowers women to (1) heal from past relationships, (2) create a clear understanding of the kind of relationship they want, and (3) take the practical steps in the dating world to find their ideal partner.

This unique holistic  approach combines healing with clear and effective strategy to empower lesbians to find a loving, long-term partner relationship. As the founder of FTLL, my purpose is simple: I know that if I empower lesbians to create loving relationships we will all enjoy a stronger, safer, and more vibrant worldwide lesbian community.

There has been a lot of rack and ruin in our community. Women have been hurt deeply in their lives, and when they get into love relationships, they have been hurting each other. There is so much pain in our community, it is almost unbearable.

In the midst of all this pain, there still lives this tender, beautiful desire to be loved and to love another woman. I am deeply touched by every woman who opens to this simple truth: she wants to be loved – she wants a love relationship.

So here we are, a community of women survivors of all kinds of pain, and also there is the sweet, delicate heart desire for love. How can we nurture this sweet delicate desire?   It is simple. Take this moment. Breath. And with each breath, visualize the possibility of a healthy and fulfilling love relationship. Now…are you ready for this journey?

I am committed to creating a safe space for women to nurture their desire for love. In some ways I am creating an Island of Lesbos – a place separate from the patriarchal society that we all cope with. This safe island is different. It is a place where you can begin to reconnect with who you are. A place where you feel safe enough to look at the pieces of your heart and gently explore how to put them together.

And there is much more than this for you on this Island for Lesbian! After you put your heart back together so that it is whole, I will then show you how to find your ideal love – your soul mate. Because she is out there! And she needs you as deeply as you need her. Are you ready to step out of love limbo? Are you ready to learn how to take empowered action and find the love of your dreams?

I am offering a step-by-step method to connect with your ideal partner. And I am ready to lead you in this journey. I am fully committed to you. I understand my responsibilities as your LOVE coach, and I take my responsibility with joy. Because I believe in the power of that delicate sweet yearning within your heart for true LOVE, for lasting LOVE, for LOVE that feeds you and empowers you to be your full vibrant self. You deserve this kind of love, and I will lead you to find it.

Core Values of FTLL

  1. To inspire the honour of women
  2. To empower women to heal and recover their dignity
  3. To co-create mutually empowering and ethical relationships
  4. To connect deeply with my clients so they are inspired and energized to solve their problems


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