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I am passionate about healthy relationships – especially in the Lesbian community. I’ve been an out lesbian since I was 17  years old. Growing up in the Shambhala Buddhist community gave me space to explore my sexuality through having a LOT of relationships with women! Which was fun, and also kind of painful!

They say you learn more from failures than successes. Frankly, I’ve done a lot of things wrong in my years of relationships with women – I’ve probably broken every rule in the book! And I’ve learned a lot from all of this exploration.

Beyond my extensive life experience in healing and working with relationships, I also have formal training to be your Lesbian LOVE Coach.

I’ve completed a B.A. Honours in Women Studies and an MEd in Counselling Psychology.  I focused my education on women’s place in this world and how to heal trauma, how to have healthy boundaries, and most importantly, how to engage in mutually empowering relationships.

My education and life experience come together in a deep passion for helping you connect in sane, grounded and joyful ways as you date women, and ultimately find your true LOVE.

You finding your LOVE is important! It improves the quality of your life, and it boosts the joy and health of our community.

To do this sacred work with you, I connect with you from my home healing art studio. I do a lot of spiritual practice here, and I care for the space energetically. I give teleseminars and produce self-study course products in this sacred space, and I consciously intend for the recordings to carry the energy of this oasis of peace to help you connect with opening your heart to LOVE.

I am assisted by a powerfully spirited cat, Ashe Khandro, which loosely translates to, “Messenger of Primordial Confidence.” Ashe is a tortie-seal Siamese, and she tends to command an air of dignity. She brings wonderful contributions to the work, whether it is through coming over to brush the leg of a client at a timely moment in a session or simply sleeping in a perfect expression of cat-relaxation.

I am ready to lead you in your personal adventure of learning how to LOVE and be LOVED well! You can begin this journey today by receiving my free Lesbian Dating Training Audio.


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