Lesbian LOVE Courses

I have created a stable path to LOVE for you through meditation and three Lesbian LOVE Transformative Educational courses. You can do them in order, or you can sign up for the course that is calling to you – they can be done in ANY order. These courses will help you foster an organic process of connecting with your True LOVE. Enjoy!


The Easy 7-Day Kick Start Your Meditation Program

The single most important strength you can develop for successful dating is to steady your mind and your heart. This empowers you to think clearly and make good decisions as you engage the emotionally tricky arena of Lesbian Dating. Meditation is the one tool specifically designed to steady your mind. I have developed an easy and effective program to ease you into a regular daily meditation practice. I urge you to take to heart how important it is to steady your mind to Find Your True LOVE! Learn more
Lesbian LOVE 201: The First Step to True LOVE 

Clear out old emotional baggage and explore your relationship landscape. This is your opportunity to be guided through a process of discovery and release to prepare your heart to receive lasting and fulfilling True LOVE! Learn more


Lesbian LOVE 301: Wash Your Heart for New LOVE

The biggest obstacle to finding your True LOVE is unresolved issues from a past relationship. Past relationships sit there open and living, taking up emotional space and energy – and preventing you from finding a healthy new love relationship. Experience a clear and safe process in this module to release the hurt from the past and reconnect with your ability to trust and to love again. Learn more


Lesbian LOVE 401: Attract Your Ideal Partner

Understand the Law of Attraction and how to use it to attract your ideal partner. This course will guide you through a clear process for identifying your ideal partner, attracting her and learning how to allow her to enter your life. Put the energetic wheels in motion to attract deep fulfilling True LOVE! Learn more



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