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I give free Teleseminars that are loaded with wisdom and good advice for living life and doing relationships better. You can check out my latest programs on the Dream Whisperer website.


A Lesbian LOVE Saga: The Dorothy and Alexandra Story…

Click to read their love story…

Lesbian Dating Video

Guided healing meditations

Healing a past relationship

Lady of the Lake Meditation


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Lesbian Dating 101

The Key to Finding Your Dream Woman

Get Out of Your Comfort Zone and… Get Back Into the Game!

Movin’ On: How to Get Over Your Ex

Mindfulness: The Key to Having a Deeply Loving Relationship


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Dating and the art of giving ourselves permission

Why is it so hard for many lesbians to foster a healthy love relationship?

What is most important for finding a long-term fulfilling partner?


And for your enjoyment…

Andrea sings a song slightly modified for lesbian love: When Love Is Found




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